Our Creative Team

Elizabeth Shin

Elizabeth started doodling from the time she was a young child, inspired by everything from Walt Disney to Shel Silverstein. She is very excited to be a part of A Bigger Boat Foundation’s work to encourage and inspire children and families through their books.

Elizabeth is originally from North Carolina but currently resides in Delaware for graduate school.

Peter Varallo & Rachel Reinsfelder

Born in Delaware, Peter and Rachel attended Delaware College of Art and Design where they graduated with an AFA Degree in Illustration and an AFA in Animation. From there, they both transferred to the Maryland Institute College of Art, graduating in 2012 with a BFA Degree in General Fine Arts and Painting.

In the years following his graduation, Peter continues to learn all he can, finding passions for embroidery and taxidermy while Rachel has been working by commission and expanding her portfolio.

They currently reside together between the growing City of Wilmington, Delaware and the timelessly beautiful Brandywine Valley, supporting one another in this thing we call life with their adoring, magical black cat, Barnabas.

Nicole Karam

As a child, Nicole Karam loved to mold creatures out of clay and doodle her days away. She has since channeled her creativity into graphic art. In addition to illustrating in her free time, she is also a vegan chef, a small business owner, and a college instructor. She lives in Delaware and has been trained well by a very fluffy and loving husky named Nina.

Nicole has always had a strong connection with children, who are the inspiration for her lively, fun, and colorful characters. She hopes they will make you smile as much sa they make her smile!

Alyssa Neff

Alyssa Neff is a maker of characters, illustrations, animations and paintings. She was educated in the arts and adopted a fun, whimsical style and enjoys working both traditionally and digitally. History, film, news and literature provide continuous inspiration to her creativity. Alyssa is an avid lover of satire, cartoons and board games. She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her two cats, Daisy and Maisy.