Our Story

Rowing & Growing

For as long as she could remember, Jamie Kleman dreamed of writing and sharing stories for children. When she became a mother, Kleman began to pen poems for her kids and their friends, and she soon found herself visiting libraries and classrooms to read her work. Her book, It’s Not Mean to be Green, caught the attention of Barbara Slavin from the DuPont Theatre’s Children’s Series. Jamie was given the opportunity to turn her short, rhyming story into a full length musical.

Kleman quickly realized she would need a crew and a bigger boat to create a production that would have a meaningful impact on audiences. After the success and two year run of It’s Not Mean to be Green the Musical, A Bigger Boat Foundation was established in order to continue to create materials and programs that develop compassion, creativity, and confidence.

Today, A Bigger Boat Foundation works closely with schools and organizations to help children navigate the journey of childhood. The foundation’s team carefully designs each book, production, class, and presentation to spark conversations and actions.