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    Home Feet Home

    [embed][/embed] Where do you feel inspired? What is it that you love to do? We all have a passion and talent that is not only worth pursuing… it’s worth sharing. It can be challenging to stay true to ourselves and follow the paths we are meant to take. The pages of Home Feet Home can be a reminder to take steps towards our goals every day. So rise and shine and find your fun… Dance, climb, walk, and run. Because I have found that life is good, When I wander where I should. Available On amazon-logo
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    The Nevergreen Tree

    [embed][/embed] Meet the Nevergreen Tree – a little tree with a big imagination. When a family of evergreen trees gets caught up in their busy schedule and chores, the Nevergreen Tree teaches them a lesson about the importance of taking time to dream and play. What kind of tree would you pretend to be? Available On amazon-logo
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    The Perfect Gift

    [embed][/embed] It's hard to pick the perfect gift. At least that's what one couple thought as they began a journey to find a present that would make their daughter truly happy. Find out the lesson they learn as their little girl teaches them to think inside, outside, and all around the box. Available On amazon-logo
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    It’s Not Mean to be Green

    [embed][/embed] Michael McDurth was having a normal day… until his sister announced she was “Going Green!” Michael is convinced that being green is only for witches, Frankenstein, and other creepy monsters. Follow along as he grows to understand that we are all a part of the Green Team that can help Mother Earth from feeling blue. It’s Not Mean to be Green – the book that’s helping families and schools make a monster difference! Available On amazon-logo
    5 out of 5
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    It’s Not Mean to be Green The Musical

    [embed][/embed] Jamie Kleman was having a normal day... until she received an email that changed everything. Jamie learned the little book she had written to help children understand what it means to go green had the chance to come to life on stage. Listen to It s Not Mean to be Green, the story that started it all, followed by eight original songs from It s Not Mean to be Green the Musical. People of all ages will enjoy the environmental message delivered through these catchy melodies - from jazz to rap, this cd has it all! When you get to the bonus song, Pass It On, please turn it up and sing out loud...and then, pass on whatever it is you d like to share with the world. Available On amazon-logo itunes-logo
    5 out of 5
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    These Hands

    Watch this video to see what this book is about Throughout the years, adults are lucky enough to receive handprint crafts from the special children in our lives. From turkey hand drawings to fingerprint flowerpots, these treasures help us hold on to memories. Now it is our turn to give back. For the first time, we have the chance to share our handprints with our children and create a keepsake of gratitude and love. Trace your hands on the first pages of the book, share the story with your loved ones, and hold tight to every moment. Available On amazon-logo
    5 out of 5

Please contact Jamie Kleman at for bulk book and CD orders for schools and organizations.